ITSM for Government Agencies

Enterprise workflow ready for government application

IT Service Management, Human Resources, Request portal

Workload balancing, Queue Management and Skillgroup partitioning

Track everything - full audit history for records management and compliance

Government agencies often have a centralized, IT helpdesk, or service desk that is a single point of contact (SPOC) for IT issues and services.  Such helpdesks and services desks are often aligned to best-practice service delivery frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, MOM, Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) and others.  These frameworks form the basis for incident management, problem management, change management, continuous improvement, and request fulfillment.  In order to bind these disciplines together, many such government agencies use HelpMaster as the software solution.

Larger departments will often have smaller, de-centralized helpdesks, or service points that cater for dedicated service requests specific to the core-group of people within a workgroup.  In addition to a traditional IT help-desk, organizations may have a service desk that looks at broader ITSM (IT service Management), Facilities Management for building and property maintenance, Complaints Management, Customer Relationship Management. 

Where several de-centralized helpdesks / work-groups are present, the business can opt to use a partitioned, or multi-tenanted version of HelpMaster (meaning that there is one installation and database that is shared), or install multiple versions/databases to keep configuration and use separate.

When IT joins forces with Human Resources

Good things happen! ;-)

Larger organizations that have a dedicated HR department will find good overlap between their operations and the operations of their IT department.