Help for the Help desk

HelpMaster was built for the IT help desk!

The IT help desk is a busy place to work.  Incoming calls, emails, personal visits and web requests all need to be handled quickly and effectively, without dropping the ball.  One of the challenges of an IT help-desk is ensure that everything is correctly logged, assigned and tracked, and that your users get the support they need to do their work.

Better ticket management, means happier customers and clients.

HelpMaster offers the comprehensive features for the IT helpdesk that will deliver great results throughout the entire life-cycle of the support request.

  • Quick call logging via pre-made ticket templates
  • Link multiple people, places and things to each help desk ticket that is logged
  • Fast classification system
  • Auto-assign algorithms so that each job can be assigned to the correctly person every time
  • Intelligent automation for enforcing business rules
  • Best practice helpdesk and ITSM workflow
  • Codeless configuration for all aspects of the workflow and system codes
  • Powerful reporting options, including PowerBI


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